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RobPapen Blue 1.02

Blue is a 16-note polyphonic synthesizer plug-in for VST and other audio hosts
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Rob Papen Blue VSTi 1.7 is a 16-note polyphonic synthesizer plug-in for VST 2.0 and other audio hosts. There are six oscillator modules which have independent shape and volume controls. The first oscillator features pulse width modulation along with symmetry controls. There are two multimode filter modules below the oscillators.

The plug-in also includes 6 dB low pass and high pass, high pass, low pass, notch, ring modulation, comb filtering and format filtering. It has several sound effects from the FM synthesizer canon. The algorithm tab has an option of sixteen 2 + 4 operator arrangements, ten 1 + 5 arrangements or six 6-operator sets. All the operators have their own envelope controls and can be set for distortion or wave shaping.

Pitch sequences can be created using the in-built sequencer. There are two analogue style modeled stereo filters along with options like processing and modulation. The plug-in also features a sequencer and an arpeggiator. The easy edit page makes some quick sound changes. The other features include unison, chord memory with strum, ensemble and compressor FX. The plug-in is bundled with a fast browser and new presets.

Blue VSTi provides the user with a substitute for many hardware synthesizers. It has a powerful FM synthesizer with many in-built options.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Software synthesizer with built in options


  • No volume keyboard scaling on oscillators
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